Google Chrome Extensions You Should be Using

Setting up these extensions will save you a ton of time in the long run

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There is nothing worse than using Google Chrome without the best extensions. If I just sent you this article, it's probably because I tried to use your computer for something, only to immediately want to cry from all the ads and paywalls you forced me to endure. So please... read this article, follow my advice, and fix your life! 😉

Ad Blocking

  • Remove ads with the most private and effcient ad-blocker with uBlock Origin
  • Remove paywalls from nearly all news sites with Hover

YouTube Essentials

Web Development Utilities

  • View the (detectable) technologies used to build a webpage with Wappalyzer
  • Grab colors from any webpage with Eye Dropper
  • Grab fonts from any webpage with What Font?

Social Media



Please dear friend, relative or internet stranger, heed my advice! Please do not force me to watch blockable ads on your computer ever again! I beg of you! Or you know, you could even do it for yourself to generally improve your browsing experience. That'd be smart too. 😉 Thanks for reading!