Why You Should Live in Salt Lake City

What makes the area a great place to spend some time as a digital nomad, or as anyone that enjoys the outdoors!

snowy mountains behind capitol buildings

If Salt Lake City isn't on your radar yet, it should be! It's a lovely place to live, for the short or long term. There are lots of things that make it great, as well as a few that count against it. Here's a quick pros and cons list:


  • Great access to outdoor activities
  • Booming economy
  • Beautiful mountains all around
  • Very family friendly
  • All four seasons of the year


  • Air quality - since SLC is completely surrounded by mountains, smoke during the late summer, and smog during the winter months can make the air some of the worst in the USA
  • Diversity - downtown SLC has some diversity, but if you stray very far from the center, Utah is definitely a pretty monocultural place
  • If you aren't religious and/or conservative, you may feel a little out of place sometimes. The LDS Church is a big part of life here for many people!


Having such easy access to beautiful mountains and parks is amazing. You can be out hiking within 20 minutes or less, and during the winter there are tons of different world class ski resorts nearby.

Not to mention all the great national parks of southern Utah that are only a few hours away, like Zion, Canyonlands, Bryce Canyon and others!


Rent is overall not too expensive, at least relative to other American cities. Utah is one of the fastest growing states, so it's definitely increasing. But as of writing this article, you can find 1 BR apartment for under $1500 in Sale Lake City proper, or closer to $1000 if you live outside the city.


Overall, it's a great place to stay, for just a couple months or permanently! I recommend you check it out.